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Just thought id share this hilarious story from last night. I just arrived back home to Sydney from Japan yesterday and decided to take out my car cause it had been so long since i drove it. So me and my little brother who owns a TT Supra decided to go for a little spin. I drive a R34 Skyline GT (not a GTR).

So anyway we drove around had dinner and were heading back on Parramatta Rd around 8;30pm. When a bunch of cars started hassling us picking on us for a race. Anyways feeling jetlagged and being tired and knowing the number of cops in this area we I decided i wasnt up to it. Nevertheless these idiots were cutting us off and reving and basically being complete d1cks.

Finally we got to a red light and I was able to look around to see what these cars were. Anyway I was behind my brother in the left lane. In the middle lane was a very loud v8 commodore (local Aust cars with the Ls1 engine) and behind him was a Type R integra. On the right hand lane (3 lane road) was a Series 1 WRX couldnt tell if it was an STI and behind him was an MR2 TT. Now these guys were all friends i think cause they were tailgaiting each other and talking whilst speeding.

Im quite sure my brother was pretty pissed off by this stage and was just revving it and he waved at me to tell me he was going for it. I knew I wasnt going to be able to keep up but I still thought I may as well try.

Light goes RED

WRX launched brilliantly and gets 2 cars on my bro, the V8 not even close and the rest of us tralling. Top of 2nd gear my brother has passed the rexy and is starting to increase his lead when suddenly OUT OF NOWHERE.

The loudest, dirtiest POO coloured (sh1t brown to u) VOLVO station wagon just overtakes the V8 commodore (in middle lane about 5 cars behind) and screams past BOTH the WRX and my little bro's car and takes off (quite comfortably) into the distant skyline (no pun intended).

WAS BY FAR the funniest funniest race i have ever witnessed and definately the fastest sleeper i have ever seen. If anyone in Sydney knows this guy give him a thumbs up for making a frustrating night (cause of the annoying boy racers) into a night I wont forget.


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1ofthesedays: In Australia there are heaps of factory Turbo MR2's, directly imported from Japan. They are pretty quick. Looking a bit dated though.

Vilhelm: Dont know my Volvos sorry but it was damn square and it would of been at least 15-20 years old, and I cant believe it was a station wagon for christs sake. Im pretty sure if wasnt a turbo, couldnt hear the spool or BOV. Im pretty sure it was a really big block, some sort of v8.

IGGYWOOWOO: Um I dont know any commodore sites, they dont really interest me. The closest thing you will get in the US to some type of commodore is the Pontiac GTO which is the Holden Monaro with a slightly different fornt end. V8 commodores are reasonably quick with the LS1 engine, umm anything from 13 to 14 sec quater mile. The LS1 engine used in the v8 commodore is the same 1 used in the current corvette but ive read that the ones is Australia just arent as good, dont know why though something about the corvette having more agreesive camshafts.

punkybooster89t: Nah the volvo was damn fast. By the time it appeared my brother was top of 2nd just about to shift to 3rd. The speed would of been just under 90km/h, even if the volvo was coming up fast youd think a TT Supra would of started reeling it in sooner or later. There was no catching it. It was just gone.

Oh BTW one thing i remember but forgot to mention was that as it flew it blew its horn and it sounded like some sort of mexican tune. Hope it helps identify this guy.

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supr4st4r, what do you mean its rare for v8's to run with imports???

i have no trouble finding v8's to run against, they normally come to me (they just don't like the outcome hehe)

if you want to come check out some cruises sometime (open, import or v8), give me a pm :)
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