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Undercoating on gas tank?

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Did the gas tank come with a undercoating on it from the factory? I know a lot of cars get undercoated to reduce the chance of rusting(atleast where my sup was first sold), anyway i just want to know because i want to powercoat my tank and i would have to remove all this crap to do so, dont want to if
it is neccesary for the tank tho...
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go under and try to take a chip out of it, powdercoating a gas tank?

looks like undercoating,

If your going for a ricey look just put a fuel cell in the back and just run lines under the carpet.
haha, i dont want rice, i just want it shiny(if thats ricey let my know), any suggestions?
no, the factory gas tank isn't under coated, but it is normally painted black or silver, depends on the manefacture...
it's really hard to keep it shiny except doing a crome on your fuel tank, it's expensive, troublesome, and a waste of money..
don't do it man, just undercoat it and keep in rust free.
Go get a skirt kit for your car, it will hid the tank for sure.
cool, thanks for the info
You can buy this spray on stuff that comes in a rattle can. It makes your old decreped undercoating look brand new. It also hides any nasty looking stuff under there too:eek:
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