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Uneven Eibach's??

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After taking my car for a spin after the Eibach/KYB install, i found that the drivers side rear is about .5 - 1" lower than the passenger side rear? :mad: Whats up with that? Anyone else have this problem?
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Sounds like you probably didn't get the spring seated right in the "holder" or you didn't get the strut cartridge (IIRC) "locked in place" correctly...

Is it the whole side, or just one corner?

Have you bounced up and down on it? Taken it over some speed bumps?
I think that it's normal for the car to be a little lower on one side with adjustables, because of driver weight and a few other factors. I think you might have to adjust the driver's side a little higher than the passenger side.
I believe I have the same problem, except not as severe. I think mine is about 3/8" -1/2" lower on one side in the rear. I have the Eibachs with the factory struts. Its hard to tell unless you have a horizontal plane in the background to see that the spoiler is not exactly horizontal. I believe it is lower on the drivers side (not sure).
Uneven Eibach's

Yes on the older supras also, about half a inch difference on the rear, i hate them. Going to get H&R installed in 2 weeks. Eibach sucks!!
I've have the same problem. My driver side sits about a Half inch lower then my pass. Damn it. Could we complain to Eibach?!?!?!

You guys might want to check if the springs were put on the correct side to begin with. My MKIV sits even w/Eibachs, but it was like that when I bought it.

Reason I mention this is I had a '99 Tacoma that I put a Fabtech lift kit on. The shop initially put the coils on the wrong side, and I had the problem you mention. Not sure about Eibach, but Fabtech intentionally makes the driver's side coil firmer than the passenger side to compensate.
Maybe if we get enough people together on this, we can get something going?? This doesn't seem to be an isolated incedent. :mad:
I had the same problem. I trashed the Eibachs in favor of the Tanabe Springs...
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