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just curious if anyone ever tried running the universal AEM ECU on the NA engine? I know there already is the na model ecu,
but sholdn't the universal work as well?
Just worried there might be issues with the AC like when NA users were running the ECU for the GTE with the updated NA software.....

Only reason I'm considering the universal, is because my friend has it on another car and he plans on parting it out.


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I don't believe the universal unit will plug into the stock harness, so that would be a awful lot of wiring to do.

If you get the AEM for the NA, you won't have any issues with the A/C, etc.

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I believe DaveH is correct about the harness; however, the Universal Unit should provide more flexibility when it comes to sensor input/outputs. For example, it should have configurable DIP switches to permit cam/crank signal inputs based on mag pickup or hall effect.

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