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I finished installing a Lokar brand braided universal throttle cable on my FFI project.
I myself am very pleased with its out come, pedal is smooth, throttle responce is crisp!

When i started this project i was concerned on how i was going to make the throttle cable work. I had heard of people extending the stocker, and or getting a cable off a Landcruiser.

I first pieced a cable consisting of a stock cable, and extended it with a piece off a Nissan Sentra. I had the cam style linkage from the Sentra welded onto the TB, found a cable lock from the local parts store. It worked but not very good.
I could never really get it adjusted, it would bind, makeing acceleration difficult.

I searched around, came across LOKAR. They specialize in cables, kickdowns for the aftermarket hot rod cars.
I ordered a 36" universal cable from Jegs (under $50). Once i recieved it, i really wanted t he cable to be underneath the manifold. To do this i would have had to fab a bracket and have it welded on to the TB for it to work.

The Accufab already had a ball stud mounted, so i decided to just rotate the TB and run he cable around the shock tower. I made a simple bracket for the adjustment nut to go through. The rest is very simple, cut the end install the linkage, snap it onto the ball stud.

The hardest part of doing all of this was getting to the original cabel and removing the throttle pedel !

Please post comments or thought on the install.

BTW i do have pic that i can post of the install, if any one wants to use a Lokar cable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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