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just got back from tune - with lexus screw all the way out (well at least i think so) i managed to get 11.5 :1 ratios however im still correcting about - 13 percent on safc from like 2600-6000 rpm... im having a few boost problems atm so im just running external gate on its lowest setting - eboost2 totally disconnected and consequently running 9.6 psi

^^^i should mention that im running 40 psi fuel pressure until i get my reg sometime next week..i have a trust type r wastegate with a red 0.8-1.2 bar spring in it.. with the adjustment all the way out (lowest boost setting) which i would expect to be roughly .8bar is actually 9.8 psi, if i preload the spring say half way id expect to run about 1 bar however i only run about 12 psi boost.. if i screw it in 2/3rd of the way, i still only manage to get 12 psi from the time i make boost (approx 3000) all the way till approx 5500rpm then boost starts to creep upward to around 14-15 psi at 6000 rpm until i back off

can anyone explain this - have people had problems with ebay 7mgte manifold boost creeping at high rpms.... its as though high rpm where more exhaust gases are emmitted is holding the gate shut again.. its weird.. if its not the manifold - could it perhaps be that im not running a screemer pipe.. i just have the wastegate externally mounted and the gasses leave the gate and hit the downpipe - maybe this might effect things but i hardly doubt it... i was under the impression that higher boost would be easier to keep stable as the gate doesnt have to bleed as much air as it would otherwise if i have a big turbo set at 8 psi

ive had the gate appart when i first bought it and diaphram lookes brand new so its unlikey tha tin the 2000 km uses if got damaged either

any ideas
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