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I was on my way home from work in my daily driver, sitting at by a traffic light in an intersection. Casually watching the traffic passing by I noticed something silver, low and exotic and sure enough it was a $400,000+ Porsche Carrera GT!!! I've only seen this car once at a carshow and I figured I will not get to see this car in action ever again, so I quickly made a right turn heading after this car to get a closer look. I turned off the radio and opened all the windows so I could absorb all the possible sounds I might hear. Sitting next to him on his left I noticed a rattle on idle but the car was otherwise very quiet. Thinking it might be a celeb I rolled up a little to peek but it was a regular looking guy in his 40's-50's with what looked like his wife.
The light turns green and he casually takes off with a soft exhaust howl. I decide to fall behind him to hopefully hear more of that exhaust note. I noticed the wing was extended up at its max setting and also had a brake light. We get to another light and he makes a right turn onto a long straight with 3 lanes and I'm about two car lenghts behind in my beater. He makes the turn and gets on it wot with a howl that litterally gave me goosebumps as I heard it. The GT didn't squat in the rear or anything, instead like a howling bullet it just took off *very* fast and effortless. The sound was kinda hard to describe but I'd say it sounded something between a racebike and a F1 with an amazing howl instead of a regular engine/exhaust note. In no time he got ahead like 1/8th of a mile between us before he slowed down for traffic in front of him. Hearing that exhaust scream in a distance was completely sick! I followed him for another 5 min or so enjoying the exhaust note everytime a light went green and he took off. I eventually changed lanes and got besides him, gave a ":bigthumb:" and he then appeared to deliberately slow down. I thought he was going to floor it but I guess he wanted to give me a good look in the mirror. That thing looks absolutely B.R.U.T.A.L. in the rear and side mirrors. :hail:

The funny thing was that just the other day I just saw this poser Boxster with some kind of Carrera GT bodykit with the exhaust in rear bumper, and I was actually thinking about this car when the real thing passed by me at the lights, lol!

Incase anyone's wondering what this car looks like, here's a pic of the Carrera GT.

More specs about this rare exotic in a article here:
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