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Upgrading Fog/Inidcator Lights from '93 to '98

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Please forgive me if I come off as ignorant--I've only been a Supra owner for 3 days now!

I have just purchased a 1993 TT and the prior owner gave me the clear side markers and some clear front fog/indicator lights (go in the spoiler under the headlights.)

I installed the side markers and noticed that the new fog/indicator lights are the 1998 year style and are significantly longer and take two bulbs.

Has anybody ever done this conversion before and if so, how is it done? It appears that you have to drill a hole in the spoiler on the side for the longer light assembly, but where does the lead for the extra bulb come from??

I'm assuming the one on the outside is yellow/orange for the turn indicator bulb and the inner socket is for a fog light? I haven't checked inside the car yet to see if there is a switch for fog lights??

Again, please forgive my lack of knowledge with all of this!!
Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

One last thing-- I just ordered glass Europeon headlights because mine have broken seals? Are these good headlight sets?
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