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I had the toyota dealer inspect a creaking noise in the back and the upper driver's side control arm is misaligned. The rubber bushings on the inside mounting area (towards the gas tank) pushed out and my control arm is rubbing metal to metal and making the noise. They think that it might be some minor frame damage or maybe just the control arm problem. The previous owner might have made a U turn too tight/fast and hit a curb wit the back wheel. I just bought this car a month ago and am new to supras (had a live axle b4...) so i was wondering if any of you have ever encoutered a problem such as this and what do you think the problem is. Also, are there any body shops in southern california (preferably near Irvine but doesn't matter) that you would recommend if you really do think that there is some frame damage. I just spent 900 bucks at toyota getting a major tune-up/timing belt change/miscellaneous things done !!! Sorry for such a long post. Any reply/help will be greatly appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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