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I have a 1J Soarer motor, but I have a Supra Harness. Everything matches up except for one of the water temp sending units. I don't have the car in front of me, but it's located on the water neck and is one wire. The sensor on the Soarer motor has a ovaled shaped with a flat spot on the bottom. The connector on the Supra EFI harness is a rectangular one. I am not sure what this sensor is for. It's either for the ECU or the water temp gauge. I will confirm this tomorrow.

Can someone send me a nice close up pic of these sensors, there are two on the water neck, from a SUPRA? I am not sure if one off a 2J will work or not. I don't have access to a 2J or a Supra 1J motor to check.

If anyone has a spare water sensor they don't need I'd be interested. Thanks for the pic and any info.

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