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I just hooked up a 96-04 mustang TPS to my 75mm throttlebody on my 96 NA-T, and when I was checking the TPS min and max voltage on my MAPECU, it was reversed... Idle was around 3000 while WOT was 280.

I used this wring:
-Toyota- -Ford-
Brown/Blk = Black (ground)
Yellow = Green (signal)
Blue/red = Orange (+5v)

(Keeping in mine the NA TPS is naturally reversed)
This is the TPS wiring for the TTs:
-Toyota - - Ford -
Yellow = Green (tps signal)
Blue/red = Orange (+5v)
White/Blk = Black (- ground)
Red/Blk = not used

Should I try the TT wiring method, or what should I do so the voltage isnt reversed?
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