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-What is your First & Name: Martin
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-What is your City? : Hayward
-What is your State? : CA
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Up for sale is a used Stoptech 355mmx32mm BBK front and rear for the MKIV supra. 6/4 set up. Slotted rotors with Gold Calipers. Front calipers are the ST60 and rear calipers are ST40. This is a complete kit meaning rotors, calipers, brake lines, pads. It is a balanced system and retains the factory emergency brake and bolt on. There is issues with the bbk as it is list below. They have been on the car for about 8K miles and on a show car. My friend purchased the car and wants to go back to stock on the braking system. Plenty of pad left on the brakes. This brakes stop excellent as I have the same kit on my mkiv.
Issues: There is a strong vibration once applying the brakes. Issue turns out to be the driver’s side front top as that is out about .010. To correct this issue a new top hat will need to be purchased at the minimum. And maybe new rotor also I will list the part number for the hat and rotor.

Price $2500

Shipping at buyer expense and pp fee's


Part numbers

*Front brake Kit (there isn’t a part number for calipers in gold)
Red Calipers/Slotted Rotors 83-857-4700-71

*Rear brake kit (there isn’t a part number for calipers in gold)
Red Calipers/Slotted Rotors 83-857-0047-71

*Top hat front drivers side: Part # 37.517.7413

*Slotted Rotor front drivers side : Part # 31.737.1101.87


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