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Spring is here and the weather is nice again in Utah. I've been talking with some guys off bimmerforums about having a BBQ get together. It would be great to get to know more local Supra owners as well as befriend a bunch of M3 guys. I've met a few from both sides and been on a few drives, everyone is really nice so it would be great to have a small meet where locals can bring their M3's and Supras and just have a good time. Here's what we had in mind:

Meet up some weekend later this month. Have a BBQ, share stories, show off cars, get to know each other. Aftewards, go on a nice scenic cruise and impress onlookers with our caravan of amazing cars.

This is sort of an interest check, mainly to see if we can get enough local Supra owners to show. I know there are plenty of bimmer guys who do these kinds of things often, I'd like to see it more often with Supra guys too. I'll send out some emails and make some calls. If you know any other Supra owners who would like to attend or if you just have any questions, send me an email [email protected]


the meet/drive was fun. Getting owned by the Supra's was fun too.. I'll have to meet up with you guys in a few months and see if I can keep up a little bit better.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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