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Vacuum Hose Leak HELP!!

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Well I was driving home from work today and the damn radio kept cutting out...So I turned it off and kept driving, then while pushing my brakes I looked outside I saw my light dim to almost nothing and then come back one....Well I finally got home and checked it out turns out the positive battery terminal connector was loose, So i reconnected it and got power back to the car, then tried starting it to find out that it would start but as soon as you let off the gas the car would die. I tried this several times and same thing..Finally I held the throttle steady for a minute and finally got it to idle at 500rpm....Well I tried finding what was causing it and could not for the life of me figure it out....If you listen really carefully you can hear the sound of an air leak, or at least that is what it sounds like....It is coming from the left/front side of the engine there the trottle body I think but am not sure and don't know how to test it. Has anybody else had this problem and what did it end up being. I really hope it is something that I can do because I don't feel like taking to toyota and paying out the butt for them to tell me that it was a $5 hose that will cost me $300 for them to fix...

Thanks in advance

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