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My cam card for BC 264's (BC0301) says valve lash in inches should be .006 Intake and .008 exhaust.

Im working on the shim layout since its a fresh head, but the TSM for stock setup says .006 thru .010 intake and .010 thru .014 on the exhaust.

So far ive been able to get my exhaust side set with 7 valves at .008, 4 at .007 and 1 at .009. So I have a little work to do.
The intake side I have 4 at .006 and the rest are too tight to get any reading. So im ok with making the adjustments.

The head has stock valves with a fresh seat grind and tips cut to match.

What do the the other cam manufacturers recomend for valve lash ?

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The valve lash that you stated is standard for the industry (0.008" & 0.010"). Toyota added a little variation for adjustment purposes and went +/- 0.002" for each valve.

The standard lash is based on the normal expansion rate of the valvetrain components, so it is not necessarily established by the individual cam builders...

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