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Time for another order... I need everything required to put two valve covers, on a head. (2JZ-GTE)

My guess would be:
Valve cover gaskets
11213-46020 RH V/C GASKET LIST 13.53 COST 9.84
11214-46011 LH V/C GASKET LIST 13.53 COST 9.84

Valve cover bolts + washers (is the part below just washers, or both?)
90210-07001 V/C BOLT WASHERS LIST 1.91 COST 1.39 EA X 16
Hose that connects them in the middle
12263-46010 CTR PVC HOSE LIST 7.86 COST 5.71
12264-46010 CTR PVC HOSE LIST 7.86 COST 5.71

Is that everything?

Also, I ordered a waterneck and gasket from you a week or two ago.. I didn't think through that at all. Again, I had basically a bare head, and need the required parts to put the water back together. I would guess I need a thermostat, and the piece the hooks on the side facing the firewall going to the heater hoses? Also, any bolts required to install the waterneck/attached parts.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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