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A problem surfaced a couple of days ago, and It creeped up on me. About a week ago, I noticed what sounded like a valve sputtering. I thought that because this was a new engine (less than 200mi) that it may go away as it broke in. So, I took the car to seattle (270mi) only to find that it intensified seriously. When I landed back at home today, I immediately began to troubleshoot, and found ZERO pounds of compression in the #6. FAQ! I didnt quite know the exact cause of the problem, so I immediately took the car apart AGAIN.

After I got the head off, i pushed on the #12 exhaust valve bucket with a piece of wood, and dislodged it from its seat. WHEN GRABBED FROM THE BASE, THE VALVE EASILY WIGGLED IN AND OUT 1/4"!!!!! Im lucky that it didnt come completely loose inside the combustion chamber. The funny thing is that I was only running on five cylinders for over 300 miles and it still pulled hard.

Im lucky that didnt come out of the retainer alltogether.

I sent the valve into Ferrea, and they will be sending me a new retainer and locks. They really stand behind their product.
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