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· Is it turbo? Is it stick?
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what parts?

valve stem seals
valvecover gasket
valvecover bolt washers
cam seals

anything else i'm not thinking of? a good time to do timing belt, water pump, crank damper upgrade, etc as well but only if they're due for a change.

as for how much to expect to spend on labor, a good amt. but you'd have to talk to a couple shops about that. i'd try to go to someone who works on supras so you can be confident things will go well with it.

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How much am i looking to spend replacing the valve stem seals?

the machine shop that do all my machine work,charge $750 just for redeck and valve job the head,but thats y i doit my self,let me know if u need anything bro
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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