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I know you may not know me well ……but…….I have a simple question, but a VERY important question for you. I don’t know where you are in your life, what your job is, what your health is like, how fulfilled you are, if you are happy, if your financial situation is where you want it to be.
In reflecting on these above things, my question is…………

ARE YOU LOOKING? ………ARE YOU LOOKING for something better? Are you looking for a different way because the way your path is headed will not bring you the life you dream about and desire?

If so I have an opportunity so good and life changing that I am telling everyone who has EVER crossed my path about it. I truly feel that it would be bad Karma NOT to share this with all of you. It is changing my life.
Those of you who know me, see that I have never been so passionate about ANYTHING in my life!

So…..if YOU ARE LOOKING…… let me know. There is nothing more I would love to do than give you the chance to change your life and give you the chance, for the first time in your life, to CONTROL YOUR OWN LIFE.

Successful people have open minds and are positive.

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This is the Healthiest Drink in the word! and here is the PROOF!
This is all I am doing, full time! Please check out all the videos and info,thanks

4 Year Plan ... or ... The 40 Year Plan?
The 40 year plan is the best that folk can hope for in traditional businesses.
By age 25, most people have an idea of what business they'll enter. But 40
years later (at 65), out of a typical 100 people, 5 are still working, 36 are
dead (weren't drinking Mona Vie!), 54 are DEAD BROKE, 4 are well off, and
only ONE person is wealthy.
Thus, the 40 year plan means that four decades most of us go back and forth
from home to work, back and forth, back and forth, like a sick, caged
lion.......and yet at the end of that time, only ONE out of 100 persons has
something to show for it!
In stark contrast is the FOUR YEAR PLAN. Work diligently for one network
marketing company for 4 years, build an income based on the honest movement of
products (Mona Vie) and you're set for life. Even more exciting for
parents, every person's business is fully inheritable! If trading the 40
year plan for the 4 year plan doesn't get your heart pumping you might want
to checked for Alzheimer's!

Watch this video.....60 Minutes......about the antiaging effects of RESVERATROL, the ingredient found in Red Wine.
Drinking ONE 2 OZ. SHOT OF THE MONA VIE PULSE equals the same amount of resveratrol you get from drinking 20 glasses of Red Wine!!!!!!!!

In the middle of this video is a housemom who in 2 years is making hundreds of thousands of dollars with Mona Vie!!!
If there is any doubt that ALL OF US CAN DO THE SAME....... it should have disappeared immediately upon seeing this!
Start talking to everyone!

** Oprah: "number 1 super food in the world"
** Wall Street Journal: "Açai replaces wheat grass in blenders at juicebars. A fruit from the Amazon that fans say helps boost energy and lowercholesterol."
** Vogue Magazine: "The next big workout cocktail."
**Men's Journal: "The fruit that packs a punch. Açaí actually gives you arush."
(Backed by many doctors nation wide)
** Dr. Andrea Pennington Interview on MONAVIE on FOX NEWS:;jsessionid=8BA00DB5373C36A223371EC86C4971E7?contentId=4621431&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1
**************************MAGAZINE ARTICLES**************************
**Womans Day Lists todays 52 superfoods
**Fortune Magazine article having billionaire Sumner Redstone (owner ofViacom/CBS) telling how MonaVie has changed his life.
The Story of MonaVie(TM)
Discovering MonaVie (TM)
MonaVie (TM) - The Power of You!
The M.O.R.E. Project(TM)

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*********************ACAI FACTS FROM HEALTH MAGAZINE ARTICLE******************
(*per Breakthroughs in Health Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 4)
1. Acai helps build a strong body by providing protein
Proteins are the primary component of some hormones and many body tissues,including muscles and organs. Proteins also make up the outer layers of hair,nails and skin. Acai has more proteins than an average egg.
2. Acai cleanses and detoxifies the body
Acai has been used for centuries to cleanse the body of contaminates.
3. Acai enhances muscle contractions and muscle regeneration
Acai's mix of essential amino acids and trace minerals are vital for strengthand recovery after strenuous activity.
4. Acai Increases energy and stamina
Acai's nutrients, including a large amount of natural lipids, provide neededenergy to tackle competitive sports and daily chores.
5. Acai helps with stress relief
The acai berry can help to regulate your stress levels and repair your body.
6. Acai helps improve sexual health
Acai's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can counter infertility dueto stress, pollution and factors related to free radicals.
7. Acai aids body synergy
Acai's immune-system-strengthening qualities help protect the entire body.
8. Acai is a potent anti-aging food
The regenerative nutrients and strong antioxidants in Acai keep cells operatingoptimally and may slow aging.
9.. Acai may help prevent prostate enlargement
The antioxidant punch of Acai may be a powerful weapon in the fight againstbenign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH), commonly known as an enlarged prostate.
10. Acai helps prevent osteoporosis
Acai has a significant amount of calcium, which helps strengthen the bones,prevent fractures and can help prevent osteoporosis.
11. Acai helps reduce menstrual pain
Women who experience menstrual pain can also benefit from Acai juice.Calcium-rich foods help coat the lining of the stomach and uterus, and helpreduce the pain from cramps and bloating.
12. Acai May help prevent causes of heart disease
The berry contains the antioxidant polyphenois, a principal source of heartprotection.. One anthocyanin,,cyaniding-3-glucoside, may improve the productionof nitric oxide (NO) in endothelial cells. NO allows blood vessel walls torelax and expand, resulting in less stress on the heart, decreased risk ofvessel blockage and an increased blood flow.
13. Acai reduces bad cholesterol
In addition to its high antioxidant content, Acai is rich in essential fattyacids (EFAs). A large body of research indicates that EFAs help reduce harmfulLDL cholesterol while supporting levels of the beneficial HDL cholesterol,which can lead to better blood circulation.
14. Sterols may lower blood pressure (BP)
Sterols are components of plant cell membranes providing numerous benefits tothe human body. Sterols are currently being used to treat symptoms associated withBP.
15. Acai helps protect blood vessels
The anthocyanins in Acai protect small and large blood vessels, includingveins, arteries and capillaries.
16. Acai helps thwart retinopathy
In diabetes weak capillaries can lead to a condition called retinopathy, whichoften leads to blindness. Acai helps protect capillaries.
17. Acai improves glucose and lipid levels
Acai's low glycemic index improves glucose and lipid levels in diabetics.
18. Acai helps with weight control
Acai's low glycemic index also helps control appetite and delay hunger, whichcan help individuals trying to lose weight.
19. Acai can improve resistance to disease
By boosting the immune system, Acai's rich nutrient profile helps boost thebody's natural defenses.
20. Acai can aid in improved function of immune cells
Recent findings published in the international Journal of Sports Medicineindicate that acai's beta-sitosterol prevents immune suppression and modulatesthe lymphocyte activity.
21. Acai Prevents free-radical damage to the immune system
Free radical damage (or oxidation) is one of the primary causes of immuneweakness or dysfunction.
22. Acai can thwart viruses, bacterial infections and funguses
Acai can reduce the frequency of infectious diseases.
23. Acai acts as an anti-mutagenic
Acai's antioxidant properties help prevent damage to DNA, which lowers therisks posed by carcinogens and mutagens.
24. Acai helps improve the digestive system
Acai's dietary fiber helps promote the health of the digestive tract, includingthe colon..
25. Acai helps overcome acid-reflux disease (GERD)
The broad array of antioxidants in Acai may help protect and repair the loweresophagus damaged by GERD, and its acid-suppression effect reduce the acidityof stomach contents when reflux does occur.
26. Acai can help to heal ulcers
The antibacterial properties of Acai kill bad bacteria, fungi and parasites,including H. pylori, the ulcer-causing bacteria.
27. Acai helps relieve symptoms of Crohn's disease
Acai's anti-inflammatory abilities may prevent the malabsorption of vitalnutrients by preventing damage to the wall of the small intestine.
28. Acai improves skin tone
Acai's phytosterols help reduce the erosion of the skin's protective coating.
29. Acai defends against premature wrinkles
Because it is so high in anthocyanins and phytosterois, Acai helps protectconnective tissues, including collagen.
30. Acai acts as an astringent
Again, because it is so high in anthocyanins and phytosterois, Acai helpsprotect connective tissues, including collagen.
31. Acai may thwart cancer
The antioxidant protection of Acai may lower cancer risks for several types,including breast, lung, skin and stomach cancers, by neutralizing free radicalsbefore they can damage cells.
32. Acai reduces arthritis pain
Anti-inflammatory properties of Acai may offer relief for arthritis suffers.
33. Acai relieves symptoms of asthma
Acai's vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory propertiesfound to improve symptoms of asthma.
34. Acai may reduce risk for Alzheimer's disease
A 2004 study from the Archives of Neurology found a reduced risk forAlzheimer's disease with increased amount of vitamin C and E, found in Acai.
35. Acai aids vision
The beta carotene and vitamin C in Acai promote eye health, including reducingthe complications of macular degeneration in diabetics.
36. Acai Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums
The calcium in Acai may mean a whiter smile and stronger teeth, as well as theprevention of gingivitis and other gum diseases.
37. Acai Improves mental clarity
Acai's omega-3 fats are crucial for proper mental function and alertness.
38. Acai can help you achieve better sleep
The B vitamins and other nutrients in Acai reduce stress and help brain cellscommunicate by assisting with the production of neurotransmitters like dopamineand serotonin.
39. Acai promotes overall good health and wellness
The Acai Berry may possess a stellar array of antioxidants, vitamins andminerals. Antioxidants provide one of the best ways to prevent disease, promoteoverall wellness and slow the effects of aging in an environment that isgrowing increasing hostile. The antioxidants in Acai feed the body and help itbuild and replenish itself. Acai has great potential as a super-antioxidantsupplement. Research shows it has greater activity and possibly more benefitsthan most other fruits and vegetables


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This is improving my overall health and WEALTH at the same time. Been doing the business side of this for just over 1 month and Im already making money plus friends that are doing this with me are too.

Some are having very good results, women tell me its helping their cycle become normal.

OVERALL this is a great opportunity for anyone who tries it. Nothing to lose and just overall health and wealth to gain.
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