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First off i would like to take the honor to post this times since im a local here in LV!!!:)

Congrats too Dana from Virtual Works for running 9.1 @151 i think or 141 no NOS he almost beat the infamous Titans supra that ran [email protected] any ways big hand shake to Dana oh and if you read this Dana hook me up with some discount's bro heheh :D ill be roaming around!!!

Ryan Woon


soo on

This was my personal best for tha weekend since it was my first time out in the big sup dawg

mods as follow: sp down pipe, hks ti exhaust 3.5", hks fcd, bloww off valve, t timer, k&n filter, and the shitiest tires you can think of eagle 245/245/ on the rear stock rims heres the time

[email protected] with a 2.0 60ft what can i say 2.0 with shitty tires:D what do you guys think oh and it was done at 19lbs off boost and 100k on the odo.:rolleyes:

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Do we have a new 6 speed record?!?!

Was Ryan running all boost or did he spray on that 9.7 run?
What was the 60 foot and mph?

(Well at least we can't say it was done on a stock bottom end like Matt Miller's run.)

Looks like this may be the fastest DAILY driven full weight 6 speed in the country now.

Big congrat's to Ryan on some amazing runs from that silver car.

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