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I keep getting a vehical speed sensor check engine light (code). I noticed that when my odometer stop keeping track of my miles. So I changed out the VSS, and it worked for about 24 miles and now I have a check engine light again and its not keepong track of the miles. Any help or ideas as to what I should do?

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Reset ECU and make sure your ODO is plugged in.... if not it will throw the VSS code, I figured this out when I drove to the auto parts store with my dash taken apart while I was going my audio install

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I also have this problem

I spliced my wire like A

But was wondering maybe I did it wrong because my odometer stopped reording mileage. But my overdrive light finally stopped flashing.

I do not have a check engine light on, and have NOT replaced my VSS.

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If your speedo is working all the time then you didnt need the VSS. Your problem is in the wiring. Ill attach a pic; however it is from the Toyota Manual, and for copyright reasons I may have to remove it.

I am assuming that the two wires are the blue and pink wires. The blue wire is spliced before and one goes to the ODO and one to the Speedo. The pink wire is an output from the ODO to the Cruise Control, PPS, main ECU, A/C amplifier.

Wiring the Car in A will prevent the ODO from working. Everything else will work.

I currently have my car wired up as in "B" above. My cruise control didnt work and this was the fix. Unfortunatly after driving for about 5-10mins both th speedo and the ODO stop working, and I lose cruise control. If I drive with the ODO unpluged then the speedo and Cruise control work. Im going to rewire in C or D Im going to have the cut wire being the pink wire from the ODO.

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