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ok..... here we go it has been a long very very very frustrating process but for some reason my car is throwing the p0500 code (vehicle speed sensor) so i replaced it and it is still throwing the code i have taken the dash apart and check every single harness and connection. i have no clue what happened or if maybe i have hooked something up wrong somewhere......this started happening right after i installed......

map ecu
and greddy boost and egt gauge

i know what you are thinking............well check that stuff!!!!!! well i have i am going on 4 times now. i got so mad that i took out the gauges entirely out of the car. and i have hooked up the map ecu 2 times and made sure the wiring was right about 10 times. for some odd reason i dont think that it is this stuff, becuase from what reshearch i have done other people are having this problem too.......however they are haveing the prob with obd1 cars and mine is obd2 and there seems to be different symptoms.

mine the "D" light that lights up when you put it in drive doesnt light up anymore, and the car seems to idle weird now that its throwing this this all related, i have no clue. the car runs good and the odo works, the speedo works, the cruise works, please if anyone can direct me in the right direction that would be great.

becuase of this i am not able to pass emissions and it is getting closer and closer to the dead line

any help would be great


Joe the idling issue has been described before as another symptom that was fixed with the common odo fix that I was telling you about. It'd be safe to assume your problem is in your odometer board. Check those solder joints like I PM'd you about.
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