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I'm back!
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Results from the ShootOut

RSX Base Model - 148 HP w/ 134 T
RSX Turbo- 243 HP w/ 180 (let off leaned out)
Civic Si - 140 HP w/ 98 T
CRX Si - 110 HP w/ 112 T

RX7 Turbo - 356 HP w/ 312 T
RX7 LS1 - Didn't get a good run, lean

(Brad) Supra Turbo - 642 HP w/ 549 T
(Eric) Mustang Cobra N2O (100 shot) + - 544 HP w/ 539 T
Mustang GT Blower - 298 HP w/ 335 T (ran toooo rich under 10.1 a/f)

Firehawk - 270 HP w/ 315 T (secondaries didn't open 100%)
Transam - 270 HP w/ 276 T
Corvette Supercharged - 495 HP w/ 445 T
Viper RT10 - 409 HP w/ 446 T

that mustang GT is weak, should be well over 300rwhp

was the viper stock? b/c didnt thethe RT10 only have like 400hp at the flywheel?

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wasn't there prizes for the highest dyno or something. i remeber you mentioning in another thread. so did you win any prizes since you seem to have the highest dyno numbers.

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you running on race gas? (brad)

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It's the internal code. Below are a few examples.

I believe the 951 is simply a 944 turbo.

911's (997 current car, 996 previous car with Boxter like headlights, 993 model before that)

BMW 3 series (E46 Current car, E36 previous generation, E30 boxy generation befor that)

Later, Steve

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I'm pretty familiar with most chassis codes of "interesting cars", but I guess I'm not as keen on 944 Porsches. It has always struck me as a bit strange that Porsche's internal chassis codes very closely mimic the actual model numbers of the cars too.

I even know that 986 is the original Boxster and 987 is the new Boxster. :lol:

Steve T.
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