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VERY IMPORTANT??car problem that needs to be solved..HELP

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Hi everyone sorry to be all noisy on the subject....its just
Ive owned a supra for almost 2 weeks and it broke down...its a 1994 supra my problem is.....the car will not rolls over but has no spark....i brought it to some shop but he didnt know anything about these me and a freind checked out the spark plugs and hoses...I do not know anything about these car im hoping you guys can help me pinpoint the problem....I was hoping I could call one of you guys over the phone so we could communicate please leave a number were I could call you......GUYs im broke out of a car..and not till i get this car screwed......maybe someone on this board could possibly know the please be a greatful and let me call ya so we could possibly fix this .....

thx thx....

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Buy the repair manual, it has step by step instructions on what to check for fixing stuff like this.
hmm.m. could be the coil packs... pull them and check if you get a voltage from them... I guess check all ignition compoents..

could be fuel delivery...

check fuses
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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