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Video of my exhaust

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For anyone that's interested, here's a clip of my custom exhaust. It's just no muffler with some piped coming out the rear.
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that sounds damn good! very similar to my greddy sp.
Took too long, even with DSL. How loud do you rate it? Would you consider a Blitz NUR SPEC or Apexi N1 to give it a little back pressure? Basicaly, you've eliminated the dual resonators (good!) but lost a bit of bottom end. What did it take to get a chain muffler shop to do this mod? Given that most high perf exhausts eliminate this too, you may have uncovered their "secret". You look like the economical winner!:cool:
Acutally i left the resonators on. They looked like a bitch to take off so i just left them. I haven't heard any other NA exhausts so i can't compare, but it's just a good quality sound. I gained 5 rwhp by just taking off the muffler. Putting those pipes on added back pressure. It only cost $85 and that's just b/c this guy (meineke) was the only one out of 4 shops that would do it. The car runs really good w/ this set up, and since it was so cheap, i'm very happy. Try downloading it again, it comes up real fast for me. Just don't use quicktime.
you can compare it to my greddy sp. here's a video clip of it. note: i made this video on a cold morning so the white smoke is normal.

greddy sp
Oh yeah, didn't you post your exhaust before? Resonators but no mufflers... North Carolina tags. You added a cutout later too! Is the Mineke mechanic a friend? I think I'd like to do both with an N1. AND A SILENCER TOO!:eek:
I've posteb about doing it, but this is the first clip i've posted. No, the guy was just looking for a quick buck. It was probably only worth $30 but i was just glad i found someone to do it.
Hey Rick, that sounds/looks pretty damn cool! :D
Thanks for all of the complimants guys. I'm really happy w/ the way it turned out. I was really expecting it to sound like ass.
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