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Excellent French-Canadian BMX faceplant action:

Skier with "BoS"

Funny dog:

Soccer injury. Made my asshole pucker:

Huge cheapshot in hockey:

College hero/protester getting the treatment by the Po-Po:

Holy shit dirtbike wreck:

Crazy looking deep-sea fish called Macropinna:

Skater + Rail + Balls =

For Stu D'Muffin:

One thing I miss about college is dodgeball:

Capoeira fruitcakes:

Thick chick diving:

Another funny dog (just a tad NWS):


Mountain biker eats tree:

Go ahead and fast forward to about 1:30:

Nothing really spectacular or threadworthy, just mildly entertaining. Seems like the internet has been devoid of quality vids recently.

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Fastest TKO

Whats it like driving a Supra and a Civic with out them moving:

Speed bump in Dubai sends Gallardo in the air:

Telemarketer PWND, greatest of all time:

1900 hp Viper, drag:

Best Bitch Slap caught on tape:
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