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I finally got my springs installed today. Well actually I've been rolling with the fronts for a while, but finally installed the rears. When i first installed the front springs the ride was tiny bit bouncy. After a couple of weeks the springs settled down and the bounciness is gone. After installing the rears i noticed that they were a bit higher than stock. But after reading posts, i think its normal for it to stand high and give it time to settle.

I noticed after driving it around it settle a small bit. But the gap is still there. Having ridden with these springs. I would say they are an excellent value. I've installed them on my 97 NA and i have to say the stock shocks are quite good for now. I know the stock shocks for the 97+ have been soften up which helps out a lot. I can still feel the railroad tracks but thats to be expected. But for normal daily driving its pretty good. I've been getting a smooth ride.

These springs are great for those who aren't ready to make the jump to coilovers and still want a quality ride.

Hopefully this review is helpful. Feel free to PM for any questions.
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