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I have a quick question
I know this is the wiring scheme for this combo
ECU/stock wiring harness wires:

RPM wire (green, pin 58)
power (red, 31)
MAF signal (yellow, 66)
ground (black, 69)
throttle (grey, 43)

VPC wires:

MAF signal out (yellow)
Power (red)
Ground (black)
RPM signal in (white)

S-AFC wires:

RPM in (green)
Throttle in (grey)
MAF out (yellow)
MAF in (white)
Ground1 (brown)
Ground2 (black)
Power (red)

You splice the VPC and S-AFC ground and power wires
in the stock harness ground and power.

You splice the VPC and S-AFC RPM wires into the
stock harness RPM wire.

You splice the S-AFC throttle wire into the stock
harness throttle wire.

You connect the VPC MAF out wire to the S-AFC MAF in

You CUT the stock harness MAF wire and connect the
S-AFC MAF out wire to the side leading TO the ECU. Leave the other end insulated w/ black tape
I don't have the harness for the vpc, I need to tap the wires off the unit. Here is the picture of the unit.

my question is, ( I know, finally :)) out of the two sets of wires coming off the vpc, which do I use to tap for power/ground/rpm, and maf. The reason I ask, is because both sets of wires have the same colors on them.
the set of wires to the top of the picture, has two connectors, and one goes to the turbo pressure sensor. Do I hook up and splice into the set of wires with the single connector? Hopefully I haven't completely confused you.


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you are correct use the big one!


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