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Guys I did a search and found the directions to install my VPC into my Supra. I have a quick question about the yellow wire and also where to put my AFC in conjuction with my VPC. I bought the fields harness and a lot of the wires in the VPC and AFC are shared. Does it matter what goes first or should the VPC and/or AFC be ahead of each other on the fields harness. My 2nd question is that I bought my VPC used and there is one harness that plugs into the MAP and temp sensor and the 2nd harness has the following wires wht/brn/orange/red/black and I understand where to put these wires in my harness. It talks about a yellow wire and I just want to make sure that its on the 3rd harness and I need to splice into that set up. Any help would be appreciated.

John Staats
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