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vpc and gcc?

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is this combo self tuning and if so how do i do it? what do these come with and what do u need to hook therm up? how do i wire them in to the car and is it good for a street car?
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it is easy, 5 wire need the right chip for your application and it is pretty easy to tune (tuning capability is limitted)....great for a street car, the gcc's are usually pretty reasonable I have seen them as cheap as 75.00 and as high as 180.00 when they were popular. there are different models of the gcc, the newer ones are sometimes higher priced...vpc's can be had for around 300.00 with the have to keep in mind they haven't made vpc's for a few years now, so you'll have to wait until you find one...they pop up now and again.....for a few bucks more you can get one with a plug and play harness...there are different models of the gcc, the newer ones are sometimes higher priced
well i will have a turbonetics dbb t67, 6 speed tranny, 800cc injectors, stock cams
it is easy, 5 wire connection......

Do you know what all the wires on the VPC go to. I got a VPC head unit I want to hard wire to my car and have no info as to what wires are what because HKS only states to get a harness which is no longer available for my car (91 Talon).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

i don't know the specific connections on your talon, but you have power, ground, tps, maf signal, and Tach....I think has the color codes for the vpc wires in the tech article....
How much can i obtain in HP with a T78 supported fuel and the VPC & GCC combo?? Thanks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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