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Since I can't do a search maybe someone can help me with this. Got my FJO installed this weekend, went out to do some tuning runs on the expressway and found out that under low boost (~8 PSI) the car wants to run in the 13.5-14.0 A/F range while under normal boost (~18 PSI) it wants to run pig rich. The FJO display does not go below 10.0, I saw a lot of that under full boost. When I tried to lean it out, the low boost numbers got leaner but didn't affect the high boost much. I found out the GCC can be used to tune based on boost and not RPM, but only when used with the F-Con (bastards!)

The HKS site was about as useful as a football bat when I tried to find out if there are alternative chips available for the VPC so can anyone point me in the right direction?

BTW, the car is a small single turbo conversion with a rather large FMIC, stock fuel system except for the rewired pump

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