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VPC/e-manage vs PHR Map ecu vs. Tec-2

This is my dilema:

I have a HKS VPC and a Electromotive TEc-2.
None installed yet.

What would be the best combo here, VPC and a E-manage, the Tec-2 or the new PHR MAP ECU.?

For the tec-2 I only need the sensor and bracket in the damper ($200)
I could also sell everything and get the PHR MAP ECU ($800), but no one has it yet and is difficult to know is reliability, the tec-2 is very reliable, dunno about VPC.

Shooting for 550 HP...:cool:

Dr Wheelspin Rh.D.
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You're comparing apples to oranges here. Tec-2 will be the best hands down no question. You simply can't compare piggybacks to standalones. Also there's no reason to run the PHR ECU with the Tec 2, it should have it's own provisions for a MAP based AFM.

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Alot of it depends on your tuning abilities also. The standalones are great for being able to compensate for everything you throw at the car, the only limiting factor is you and your tuning abilities. The other thing about standalones is you always seem to be adjusting on them.

25psi = 14" brakes :)
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Thats funny, I'm still adjusting my Eman all the time, sounds like a standalone...
I think anyone with any fuel adjustment system, be it piggyback or standalone will be adjusting it untill someone comes along with the perfect setup.
1) Fuel is based completely on Wideband 02 reading. You just set it and foget it. (You want 12.5 at WOT, just put that down. You want 15:1 at cruise, sure you can have that too. )
2) It must adjust timing automaticly, like the J&S setups do. Advance to knock, then back it off and keep it there so you make the most power all the time, per each cycl.
3) Removes the AFM.
4) Cold start is handled by the main injectors.
5) Has provisions for N02 staged control.
6) Built in traction control to limit wheel spin on launch, and to keep us safe on wet roads under boost. (Dang scary when you go to pass someone, hit it, and then on full boost your tires break free, and your fish-tailing at 90mph around some slow poke.)
So, anyone offering this ECU at this time. (AEM has some of the features I think, but the WB based fuel does not exist.)
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