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I've been running a VPC on my car for over a year now. It was setup with a T04 turbo first but now I'm on stock CT26. I've noticed that at random times and random days the car just starts to run pig rich for no reason. When I stop at lights, the car would idle at 10.xx or lower. I can reach over and turn some fuel down on the SAFCII and it would come back up under low throttle but My question is, why does this happen?

The electronics for this setup.
89 Supra 5spd
VPC - 440 Chip
Filter on ISC hose
CT 26 open no Accordian
Resistor in AFM Plug
SAFCII at 00x0x0x0 settings on Low and high throttle
AEM Wideband.

Car has a lot more mods that shouldn't really effect this stuff.
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