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VPC Questions?

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I am considering getting a VPC. How is the idle quality of the car with the VPC? Does it idle up and down alot searching for the right rpm, or is it steady like the factory MAF sensor? Does the Field SFC work well with the VPC? Are there any performance benifits at around 430 RWHP? Will there be any increase in power? What is Retail price for the Supra VPC kit? I tried to search for VPC but it is too few a letters to search for.

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The VPC is about $1200. Check out or

Idle's rock solid...not one hicup on my car thus far. It runs and pullls much harder and smoother with the VPC.

I will add around 30 RWHP and more TQ and you will notice a difference. Also, the boost levels will be higher at your same settings...probably because the restriction of the MAF is eliminitated.

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