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thru searching this is what i have come up with for a hks vpc pinout

a. white (RPM signal)
b. yellow (Airflow signal)(OBD2)
c. brown -- hks pfc
d. orange -- what is this for
e. blue (vta)
f. gray (Airflow signal)(OBD1)
h. black ( ground)
i. green --- what is this for
j. red (Power)

and for the apexi safc four button
1. black - ground( at least an inch from the brown ground towards harness)
2. brown -- ground (close to ecu)
3. grey -- throttle(vta)
4. green -- rpm
5. yellow -- to ecu -- hot wire, flapper ,pressure
6. white -- from vpc -- hot wire ,flapper, pressure
7. red -- power --
8. pink --to ecu -- karmen
9. orange -- to vpc -- karmen -- 2nd airlow sensor-- some nissans or something like that also used as a 02 sensor reading in the sensor check screen

also a resistor needs to be wired in between the tha and e2 pins on the ecu

here is a peice of info i found somewhere, i can't remember.
"when I installed my SAFCII the air dump only seems to be relevant when configured for a hot wire type airflow sensor (The setup table reckons the UK spec JZA80, 2JZ-GTE, 93 to 97 TT engine which is in mine) has a std Pressure sensor (PR-1). I would therefore double check to see if you have the correct settings configured on the SAFCII first.

Assuming this is correct I dont see why you cant asjust the deceleration air upper limit setting (which is what you need I believe) as it is this that controls the engine stall by caused by throttle release blow back.

"With the deceleration air upper limit setting, an upper limit is given the the airflow output voltage at the engine RPM set at Ne01 and Ne02 below the THrottle opening."

To do this you need to first check the airflow settings -

Set SAFC into monitor mode to monitor AFL, THR, and RPM.
Start the engine and set to neutral. Before engine is warm hold throttle at 1600rpm (Ne02 rpm if not set as default 1600). Make a note of the (a) THR and (b) AFL readings.
Next hold the throttle at 1000rpm (Ne01 rpm). Note the (c) AFL readings.

Finally go into the SAFC setting mode, and choose option (5) Dec.-Air . As default it should say Thr ****, Ne01 10% and Ne02 10%.

You want to change these settings to the following :

For THR setting set value at a percentage SMALLER than the throttle opening value recorded for (a). Next select Ne01 and input a value LARGER than the airflow reading measured in (c). Finally select Ne02 and input a value LARGER than the airflow reading measured in (b). For ref the example I have has values of THR 4.8%, Ne01 1.2% and Ne02 2.7%.

Once input go back to the previous menu and turn the ignition off, wait a few secs then turn back on in order to save the settings.

1st value = 4.1%
Ne1 = 1.9%
Ne2 = 1.4%
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