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VSV mod

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Has anyone done this mOD? Any input or experiences upon it?
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Make sure you add a boost gauge before playing with the hoses.
Done ..........

No other input???
Hmmm, I did the bleeder T before I got a Hallman MBC. With straight BPU mods I found the bleeder T was letting me boost 1.5 kg/cm2. That's too high, of course I was dumb and ran around with the bleeder T for a little while before I installed a boost gauge. After the boost gauge was in I installed a hose off the bleeder T with a hose clamp on the open end of the hose. I would tighten down the clamp to lower the boost. Then, as mentioned I ditched that crap and got a Hallman MBC. I never did the VSV mod.
if you are overboosting with a bleeder t, just use a smaller one. A 1/8th'' bleeder should put you around 16-17lbs of boost...

you might have been using a 1/4'' bleeder?
The VSV is a cheap and easy way to increase boost, but it does have all some downfalls. In cooler weather your boost will be spiking and then falling. After enough Spikes you turbo could take a dump. The VSV mod will not hold boost like a boost controller will. I ran the VSV mod for over a year. I got sick of the spikes and drops. So I got an HKS EZ and no more problems. No more Spikes and 20 psi till redline :) Or u could get a manual boost controller. Cheap and effective.

Hmm but what about hte power of the vsv i heard you can obtain some crazy figures. But anyhow I just raced a 1992 mustnag lx 5.0 modified 13.0 @ 108 mph... tonight on the freeway 60-120 mph runs. I hit 1.15 bar max..... it never went below 1.00 bar though. I did walk him almost 2 car lengths by 4th gear starting at 60 mph. what kinda power do you guys think I am putting down? Manual boost controll & downpipe now.
well from my personal exp's.. i know my friend pull'd hoses and blew his 2nd turbo. My best friend bought his car and three days later blew his 2nd turbo. My other firend blew his 1st turbo. And for me. Pulled the hoses.. boosted nice for a week and no more 2nd turbo... so everyone says it'll last forever.. HORSE SHIT... i say unless you wanna go single real fast ... then go for it.. if not.. DONT.. bst controller all the way
Im having the same type of results... besides the VSV / Bleeder T mod is not reliable at all... why do it...

I would rather have less power and save my engine/turbos... IMO
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