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Hey guys...

Dunno who else to ask or look to for an answer :-(

The VSV at the top, rear of my 2JZ (above 2nd turbo) seems to be bad. Is there a way to by-pass itor replace it with something inexpensive? I used a known-good one and got better results, which is why I know that it is a BIG factor in my boost creep/loss issue. Another issue, found and solved today was a bunch of RUSt in my tank... what can U expect in a 15-year old car? Anyways, replaced the fuel pump (which quit working) and filter and things are a little better, but I know that this VSV will put things where they're supposed to be, boost-wise. So, I will also need to replace the tank and use a Walboro when I do.

Basically, I am eventually going single and do not want to invest in any more components to support the twins.
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