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David McAllister, Board member of Volkswagen Supervisory Board and Minister President of Lower Saxony’s,visited the site in Osnabruck. Chairman of Volkswagen Aktiegesellschaft Board of Management helped David McAllister to understand the production process of Golf Cabrio. During this visit David McAllister told to carry assembly in Osnabruck because many models have left this assembly from past many decades. According to the minister the specialist skills and capacities of the place are really valuable.

The chairman told that creation of 1800 jobs at Osnabruck in really remarkable. This will help in making Osnabruck a prefect Automobile location providing high performance and alliance to various groups.Osnabruck’s management board informed about the running activities to its guests.The tour of minister is not restricted to one site as it includes tour to assembly hall, Shop of Golf Cabrio and training workshops. The training workshop is providing excellence to 75 apprentices being a part of their vocational training.

David McAllister also tries to understand the efforts of Christian Wulff, Former minister in the automobile location. According to the minister,future of this particular automobile location is very bright because all good traditions are being followed here. The Golf Cabrio is a great car being an effort of extensive expertise available in Cabriolet.

The foundation of Volkswagen Osnabruck in early 2010 has now reached to a world of superiority. It was developed on the site of a company known as Karmann Holding. According to Volkswagen Osnabruck announcement, the location will be integrated with metal units and technical development of the bankrupt Wilhelm Karmann Gmbhi. The plant of Osnabruck will commence manufacturing new Golf Cabrio with the help of its highly dedicated and technical workforce of more than 1000. This is the only place providing an excellent platform for the manufacturing and development of high end automobiles.
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