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I recently picked up a W58 and driveshaft for my NA MK4. It came with (from what I can tell based on part numbers and images online) a competition clutch lightweight flywheel and clutch. It appears to be a stage 4 kit. It is new, but the car is staying NA, so I know the clutch is overkill. I'm likely buying an Aisin clutch kit and selling the one I have.

My question is whether I should run the FW or get a OEM one.

Appreciate any insight and/or advice.

Thank you.

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Unless the pedal is too stiff , I would leave it alone . If it’s a full face ceramic it will outlast the aisin.

min regards to your question you can reuse the LW flywheel with the OEM Aisin. You might get some flywheel chatter noise which is normal . But if you want a silent smooth car , use the oem steel equivalent
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