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I know this a Supra forum, but need some serious advice to get back on the road since the Supra community knows a lot more about the ins and outs of a w58 compared to clublexus or any lexus forum

So I'm done with my manual swap on my SC400 or so I thought. The drive shaft I'm assuming is making terrible noises, I was talking to someone and he suggested that the drive shaft is too long and to get it shortened by half an inch due to age and wear on motor mounts so my motor may sit further back now causing the drive shaft to pin itself against the tail shaft of the transmission causing it to make noise. Also the w58 adapter plate adds 1/2 an inch.

Another sound you might hear is a metallic ticking sound, also from the drive shaft. If anyone has had experience with this issue any help would be greatly appreciated! Also worth mentioning is the car doesn't like to go into 2nd gear or 4th gear when on the ground. My source told me it's because the drive shaft is pinning itself even more causing it to not go into gear

I measured my current drive shaft and it came out to 54 inches WITHOUT the rubber puck, when I measured from the tail shaft of the transmission to the face of the diff for my one piece measurements it came out to 51 and 11/16 inches. Albeit I could still move the stock sc300 drive shaft the car was on jack stands when I could move it, and so with weight on the diff I'm assuming that it's fully pressed into the trans, if that makes any you can tell I'm really hoping it's just the drive shaft :dunno:

I do have the one piece ordered now, but still wanted some opinions on what the sound could be :confused:

Link to the noise.

(Car is on the ground in the first video so it sounds a lot worse)
(second video should start at 4 minutes and 28 seconds, you can hear when something squeaks and then when I put it into 2nd it get kinda louder, and does it consistently in other gears including 4th)

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Additional information:
Exedy Clutch kit: 1990 4runner 3.0 w58 swap kit
T56 hydraulic throw out
Fluid is Mobile 1 75w-90

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