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TicaLis300 said:
thanks guys... now one last question...

if i shattered my input shaft in 3rd gear.... if i order just a transmission case which is about 400 and change.. is that all i need?

No you don't need a transmission case at all....thats not what failed, you 3rd gear sheared, which then subsequently took out all the internals of your tranny from the metal fragments...Your transmission case is likely just fine...

You can pick up a used early 90's W55 tranny(not to be confused with the WEAK W55's found in the IS300's) from the toyota 2wd 4 cylinder trucks for a 100.00(sometimes even free), unbolt the bellhousing from your W58 and the tailshaft cone and shifter assembly from your w58 and put it on the W55, you now have a w58 for virtually nothing....

I've been preaching this for years on the forum's, no one ever does it except me I guess...they keep buying used W58's for 250-500 when there are a ton of W55's out there for virtually nothing...

Hope that helps...

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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