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Will the W58 out of any MKIII fit in my MKIV? I have a 94 Auto and I am swapping it to a manual. I would like to use the W58 out of an MKIII due to the availability and pricing. If it will fit can I also use the clutch and flywheel from an MKIII?

So far the parts list that I need is:

- W58
- Clutch Pedal
- Slave cylinder
- 5-speed ECU

Is there anything else that I will need?



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you'll need a bellhousing from a mk4 w58. the shifter mechanisms are also in different places, so you might need to swap it for one from a mk4 w58 as well. you might also need to swap the speed sensor from a mk4 w58. a clutch from a mk3 n/a should work, but i dont think the flywheel will.

to add to your list (still may be incomplete):
-clutch master cylinder
-clutch line
-driveshaft, maybe?

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