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When i turn my lights on, the warning light that says one of your bulb is out comes on....why is this? None of my headlights or tail lights are out. This happend right after i got my car repainted. Could they have messed up wireing something? Are the brake lights when the brake is not applied supposed to have two or four running lights? That is all i can think of. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have had the same problem on both of my Supras. I talked to several of my friends that have Supras also and they had the same problem. The problem is there is a little blue box on the driver's side rear quarter that has some bad contacts. I think that the box is rather costly to replace. My suggestion, as with about 20something other Supra owners, unplug the the light in your dash. I have done it on both of mine and have had no problems with it. You do need to periodically check you lights
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