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I have never been treated so bas as by this Ken Wong director or whatever for Kinway Motorsports I ordered a TRD tach.(was out of stock when i placed the order) and few other things . I paypaled him the money for the parts and then he tells me that the TRD tach is out of stock so i have to wait for it to approx. late august . He ships the other parts except the TRD. tach. and i get them no problem.
When i email him now and ask for the TRD tach . he just responded that the are now in stock and that they are $298 i then tell him that i already paid for one at that time $350 and that he hasnt yet delived it since it was out of stock . He then doesnt answer any emais or get back to me to fix this .....I have bought stuff from all over the world but tji is the very first time i get ripped off/scammed by a registred company. If i dont get my tach. iw ill proceed to she what legal action can be taken against this scam company.
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I know how you feel. I bought a TRD Tach and Speedo from hims back in 2005. Long story short (and multiple e-mails later), he claimed to have shipped it but can't provide a tracking number. I never recieved one thing from them. Buyers beware.
I had an excellent experience during the recent TRD tach group buy from Kinway. He's done a lot of business on the Australian Supra forums, didn't hear much bad about him there when I was doing my due diligence prior to the group buy.
I also did the TRD tach group buy from Kinway and I got it as promised with no problems. I hope you get your tach soon. I've not heard substantiated bad reports about Ken so I'm optimistic about your happy ending.
I had a good experience with them. I bought a Levin Trueno Bible and TRD tach. The tach was not in stock at the time, but he gave me an estimated ship date. He shipped them seperately, but I got both items as promised. I hope your situation gets resolved.
As it is right now i dont feel one bit optimistic iam currently thinking of buying a ticket to Hong Kong and pay him a personal visit and show him how Vikings solves things like this. He dont reply on email and i cant get my money back since its Paypal and its more than a month ago the order was made.
Good experience here as well. Purchased TRD tach, motor mounts and tranny mount for my red car. I couldn't figure out the tracking number deal, but all items were delivered (quickly) as ordered.

Best of luck to the OP in getting this resolved. I will bring this thread to his attention.

I was in the same position as the OP. When Ken reposnded with a Price, I was like WTF? I sent him some e-mails and felt he was being unresponsive, but in a week or 10 days I got a response apoligizing and he said he was on vacation. He shipped the TACH and it arrived just fine.

I've had a positive experience with Ken. However he is very lazy in responding to emails.
Thats a problem when your on the otherside of the world and cant get your money, communication is very important . I know since i work in a global organisation at work, we have ppl all over the world .
Thanx everyone for trying to help much appreciated. him how Vikings solves things like this...

I hope this doesn't turn into a Viking vs Ninja war ...I think that's Taimur the Pirate on the right

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those guys do good business... glad you were able to get your part.
He can be reached at KinwayTRD via AOL Instant Messenger.
Just got an email form Ken where he told me that he had some kind of email server problem and that he made a mistake regarding my order but that he would ship my trd tach right away. So hopefully i will soon get the trd tach. but i will be convinced when i open the package.

Anyway thanx for your input and support much appreciated
However he is very lazy in responding to emails.
True that. It took a while for Ken to respond to my emails. I ordered a tach,emailed me when he shipped it out,but it never arrived. Ken said it was lost during shipping and that he was sending me a replacement that same day. It did arrive promptly.
Hope everything works out for you.
I know Ken and have hung out with him when he lived in Toronto when he had his MKIV. I'm confident that he will make good on his transaction with you.

I recently bought a TRD LSD, TRD clutch line and JDM shift knob and I rec'd the parts very quickly once he sent me shipping confirmation.

Regarding lag in email responses, keep in mind he is in Hong Kong and there is a time difference.

Lol yes i know i work with ppl from US(Greensboro), Kuala Lumper, Lyon(France) Ghent(Belgium) and Korea on a daily basis so you dont need to explain such obvious things to me. In fact Ken got over a week to contact me after his email where he wanted me to pay it again this after i waited for the tach it for over 2 months !!! but the in the email where he wants me to pay it again the price was lower than what i paid now its $298 and i paid 350 ? when i asked Ken about it he replied that it was a group buy , maybe he forgot to mention that in the email to me, in that email he dont mention it anywhere that it is a group buy, so that really seems to be something he thought up after i pointed it out to him.
Anyway i have now paid for shipping the tach as well and Kinway has promised to ship it out on monday ...... so hopefully it arrives soon, this summer is already gone in Sweden . I would really like to see that all vendors of parts have some kind of system so they can tell you if they have the part in stock it is so annoying when you have to wqait for several months for a part i change cars faster than they can ship the parts over here.I will add the following Ken says that the email servers been down thats why he couldnt email me !strange just after i posted this thread they start to work ? thats a little to bit to convenient and i havent seen anything to prove that the emailserver was down except for what he said . And as we can see in this thread Ken isnt exactly famous for being the fastest emailer in the world is he.....
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I bought speedo and tacho from Ken. He sounded like a very nice guy, shipped fast, contacted me often to ask if parts are arrived etc. So he don't seem like a scammer to me. Maybe he's ill or on vacation or mom died? :angel:

Edit: I contacted him via MSN, and he asked me to post his reply.

---- reply starts ----

Dear Johan,

I have explained it in my previous emails already. Why didn't you read carefully? Also I did say sorry that I forgot to mention that US$298.00 is a group buy price and if you check our website carefully you will see that US$298.00 each is for our group buy price which we posted it on our website 8 months ago. Also, we have a lot of positive feedbacks in your thread. We never ripped anybody off and we are 100% legit. BTW, I saw your new post and how come you didn't post the truth there? I didn't ignore your emails for over a week. The last email I replied you which is on September 5th 2007 before our email server was down and I replied you on September 8th 2007 (yesterday) right away when we got our server back. Only 3 days and you said over a week and I have told you that OUR EMAIL SERVER WAS DOWN but you STILL didn't mention it in your last post. Anyways, I hope you can delete or edit your post with correct details or I will ask my customers to post the true story here.

BTW, if you are still not happy, I'd rather do a full refund for your order directly, so we can close this transaction. Please get back to me ASAP.

Thanks and Best regards,

Ken Wong
Kinway Motorsports

---- reply ends ----
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I have read what Ken has written but the fact remains the same
1. He tried to make me pay twice for the TRD tach.
2. When i posted this thread all of a sudden Ken wakes up and responds to my email claming that his email server crashed LOL i asked him for some kind of proof maybe from his ISP and i didnt get anything . I dont completly trhust just Kens word in this matter, since his email server died very conveniently and second he is not an objective part in this.
3. In the email he send me when he wanted me to pay the TRD tach. for the second time the price is now $298 , I had to pay 350 for over 2 months ago !!!!!!!!
i point this out and then he says that the lower price is for a group buy. See below this was the email i got no where does he mentioning a group buy.

Dear Johan,

In stock and ready to ship. US$298.00 each plus shipping

Thanks and Best regards,

Ken Wong
Kinway Motorsports

I am really tired of all this i just want what i ordered, and i dont want to pay it twice, or pay more than anyone, is that to much to ask for, seems to me that Ken has some explaining to do doesnt it . I have told him that i just want my trd tach. shipped ASAP since i waited for more than 2 months, i hope he understands that. He has already made sure that i couldnt get a trd tach in my car this summer since summer is very short in Sweden and he never told me that he was out of stock after i paid it.

And here is another happy customer ...........................

True that. It took a while for Ken to respond to my emails. I ordered a tach,emailed me when he shipped it out,but it never arrived. Ken said it was lost during shipping and that he was sending me a replacement that same day. It did arrive promptly

And i got some PM's with even more happy customers that did post in this thread so ..............................
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