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OK here is the deal, I have the Greedy T88H manifold with the Greedy Type CH waste gate, (56mm, purple spring) It’s the one with the heat shield around it. I went to the start my car the other day and the gate was open at ideal. I figured one the hose had come off. Well upon inspection everything was good. So I took the gate apart to find the diaphragm / gasket was bad. Now all these are on back order and have been for months, Greedy is saying probably a year before they will have one.

So I figure I will buy a new one but no one make the big stuff except greedy, at least that is what I have found so far. Also a few people I have talked to are saying the smaller stuff might cause boost creep. I m also running the HKS EZ boost controller. I don’t need hold more 45 psi. But I want to be able to run 93 on the wg spring.

So what gates are you all running and what do you recommend. I know that Tial is a v band clamp so I would have cut the manifold or make an adaptor. On a side note I have a 4 inch down pipe so its kind of tight fitting down there.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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