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I have a turbo'd tacoma with the 3.4l 5vz-fe v6 motor in it and have boost control issues and need help.
I have a Tial 38mm WG with a .25bar(4psi) spring in it and a TurboXS manual boost controller.
My problem is that I can only adjust the boost 2psi above spring pressure which yields 6psi of boost. Adjustment past this point yields the same 6psi boost level. Replaced all lines, fittings, and clamps to eliminate any chance of leaks. The mbc is also installed correctly and varified by two other people.
Here is how it is installed:
I T'd into the line going from the turbo to the side of the WG, this goes into the turboxs mbc in the side with the tiny hole, line comes out of the mbc to the top of wg.
Need help so I can get this thing on a dyno at decent boost levels!
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