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Wastegate, BOV?

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Be a good idea on stock twins with an aftermarket wastegate and bov?
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Maybe you should elaborate a little more on what you are asking, I think you're saying what bov and wastegate should you use for the stock twins.. In that case, why do you think you need to upgrade the wastegate? As far as the bov, it depends on your plans with the car, but I would go TiAL.
There is almost NO way to use another WG than the stock one if you are on the OEM twins.. And if you would use one there would barely be a benefit out of that. The same applies to the OEM recirculation valve. It does a pretty decent job up to 1.1 bar or so.. If you want you can add an aftermarket BOV to it but I would use it in conjunction with the OEM valve to avoid any stalling issues which may occure due to the BOV.
If you want it for functionality purposes and not "show effect whoosh" then you could use two OEM valves in parallel..

wastegate if pointless and probally would not see any gains. bov i would get if you upgrade to a fmic and my vote goes to tial as well for the bov. there arent any better bov's out there then tial.
I pretty much agree with above, not worth it. But the reason a nice strong set of stock twins almost always exhibit boost creep is due to the undersized stock wastegate. I never had a problem just living with that fact, but if you have more time and money that you need to burn up, here's an example of an aftermarket wastegate on stock twins.

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Ok but basically a big work for a little gain I think.. This is something for the twins enthusiasts I would say.;)
Before I start doing something like that I would rather go single..-Also because of the clearances in a service case ;)
But it looks good though, nice mod.
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