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alrite, I have to disconnect my negative battery terminal whenever my car is going to be parked where there is a chance of water getting on it. If I leave the battery connected and it rains over night, the next morning my battery will be dead. The water is giving me a short somewhere, but I have no clue where. I can only see two visible areas where water leaks.

1. Behind the drivers door by the side window, the leak is VERY small, like 1 drop falls every 5 mins when it rains HARD.

2. Water gets on the battery terminals under the hood when it rains hard for a long period of time.

The battery terminals getting wet could be what is doing it, but it only seems to happen when it rains really hard and my battery dies with light rain, even if i just spray the car down with a hose and then leave it.

So, my question is, are there any typical problems spots on the MK3 that i can look for that may be the culprit of my problem? anyone else have a problem like this?? Its a real hassle to have to disconnect the battery and connect it back all the time.

Also, according to the previous owner, if the car is driven while it is raining, the interior lights and some dash lights may come on and off randomly...but this problems has not YET happened to me. Thanks for any help, its appreciated.
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