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hey guys, Today Ii started up my 89T (it rained the right before pretty hard) and let it warm up for a little. when i was reving it in neutral, i heard like water swishing around by the windsheild. i don't know if its my head gasket because my engine temp needle sits a little below the half way mark and i have never seen it rise past the halfway mark. I check to see if I had lost coolant and the resivior seems to be at normal. I mean when i drove the car, it didn't feel like the car had blown the head gasket. I guess what im tryin to ask is if I was drving, what would i notice that would automatically indicate a blown head gasket. Also, is it still possible to boost at 7 psi with a blown head gasket?

oh yea, and as for mods go, im basically stock with NGk plugs and wires .

Thanks neal
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