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I've got a strange problem with my car...

First let me tell you it's a 97 N/A with 68,000 miles.

The problem is that if I make a sudden turn, the car will cut out, as if it wasn't getting any fuel. Say for instance I'm stopped and make a left-hand turn, and stay on the gas, the car will lose all power. And like i said, it's like riding on a lawn mower when it runs out of gas, it just loses power. I've noticed it does it worse on left hand turns. It's also say 3/4 of the way through a turn or even as soon as i'm gettting to where I can straighten out. I thought maybe it was the fuel going to the side of the fuel tank after I'm in a sharp turn to the point where there wasn't any fuel around the pump. But it still does it with nearly a full tank. Besides, that shouldn't really be an issue anyway. How else would people drift and autocross supras if they had this problem? Also I don't have to be stopped. If i'm going down a winding road at a decent speed to where i'm hitting the corners fairly hard it will do it at any speed.

Also this may be related...I've noticed my fuel low light comes on when the guage shows around 1/3 of a tank. Ive tried moving the needle, but that's not actually the problem, b/c the needle is in position based on the signal from the pump. So if I move the needle, it will just go back to where it was once I start the car.

This is a strange problem. I've got an idea what it might be, but would like some knowledgeable input first. Thanks for any help!
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